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be wary,

It is in their interest to say such things. What they don't tell you, much of the growth is built on debt, usually not at all obvious till its obvious, if you know what I mean. This makes it all dependent on the level of interest rates.
This is of course telling you land price is too high. Same every cycle, about this time in it - 15 years in. You should be able to pick the vested interests out of this, and what they are suggesting, and why.

And for me, time to go half circle. A link here to a great paper, presumed lost I had always thought, until just recently unearthed:

I had the pleasure of attending this conference right here in Australia to hear Ian present it. This is the one that started it all for me. You will see the similarities immediately. It will culminate this year in that e book I keep telling you all about. Great timing.

I had the great pleasure also of competing against Simon Crean in the seat of Hotham back in 1990 (he won obviously, but then I was only with a minor party, but did poll quite well none the less), but here he is 15 years later fighting for his political survival. (He got the nomination the same way then as what his opponent has just tried, factional in-fighting.) Great timing. It is the same for everyone by the way. The circle timing works the same way for us all.

A reminder: what is for public consumption and what's for private are two very different matters. The public are always the last to know, so don't aspire to be a member of the public.

Attached, a chart of crane hire group BOL [PDF]. Now what is this telling you ? New highs all the way, consistent earnings growth. They hire cranes out to mining, infrastructure and construction industries. Can't possibly call a recession with such stocks like this one continually in new high territory. Not even two consecutive months down yet !! The cycle has a way to go yet - certainly all of this year and next, minimum.

A lesson on Price:
ANH Chart [PDF]
BAR Chart [PDF]
BAR News [PDF]

A lesson on time:

Make sure you have read "All the Shahs Men" by the end of this year. It is repeating, in this instance 60 degrees in years, just as Gann says it does.

Amongst it all, religion is atrophying and leading us into some very dark corners of the mind, especially as regards attitudes to women. Present world leaders - all men - are so full of dogma and devoid of any true spiritual understanding its astonishing. Fortunately a few brave souls are starting to speak out and talk some sanity - almost all women. Has anyone seen any male church leaders pronounce anything even remotely un-dogmatic lately ?

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