Mid points, sars - emailed to subscribers - April 4th, 2003

Gifs attached highlighting mid points thrown up this week. I got the oil one, but not the Dow nor gold - too busy measuring oil, amongst other things. Gann can claim yet another red back off me at heavens bar, for the trade on crude. Mid points are amazing are they not? Note that each formed the 2nd lower top / 2nd lower bottom respectively. Never be against the trend at this point; and the trend ought to be blindingly obvious at this point to you by now.

see Oil May - PDF

Now to something you might think is completely unrelated, but in my view you have not really understood markets and economics, until you can see links like the following;
I am talking about the SARS issue, the flu like health risk coming out of Hong Kong, or more correctly China's Guangdong province. The cause of this outbreak, and most of the flu's before it, the world will eventually one day discover, is related to government granted licenses and privileges, in this instance land tenure. Animals in Guangdong province, especially pigs and chickens, are husbanded in the most overcrowded conditions you can possibly imagine, like nowhere else on earth. This too close contact with the farmers of these animals allows bacteria to migrate to infect humans. Ever noticed most of the world's flu's originate from this province, November thru February.

The animal husbandry is done, you will find if you look closely enough, on land that is (often) untitled, illegally occupied and squatted in. Why? Because nothing else is available; the better lands are hoarded, for private gain - usual story. If the world wants the answers to these health issues, it will one day have to confront the government granted licenses issue. This sort of health risk would never arise if the land rent was collected for public purposes, rather than private gain. I will leave it there, since these emails are for markets, not philosophy, but for those who have in mind to delve deeper, consult Henry George, the book 'Social problems' or 'Progress and Poverty', and you might just 'see the cat'. It all comes back to those government granted licenses and privileges.

With the gold spike top that came in on Feb 5th, try counting the usual 30, 60 90 deg etc. off the top, let's see if significant. Don't fear the recent volatility in most markets. It is at these times when Gann's numbers work best.

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