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Session for Tuesday evening, March 18th, 2014

Hear Phil run through the MAS370 flight, by numbers, then Catherine Cashmore talking property

Hear Phil run through the MAS370 flight, by numbers:
Audio file for Phil. 36 minutes - MP3 Format

Pdf handout for Phil's talk

Catherine Cashmore. 118 minutes of exceptionally good listening: 118 minutes - MP3 Format

Powerpoint Slides from Catherine's talk

Catherine talking about the Australian real estate market, where we are (recent price movements,) why she doesn't see a 'crash' despite higher unemployment, and the fuel Aust can throw at the fire to prevent it. The inequality rising land prices have caused - why fringe land prices - in a country where land is in abundance - are so high, Melbourne's infrastructure and construction boom, the population growth - where people are heading - who we're building for, what to buy (if you're interested in doing so), tips on negotiation/pricing, what the clearance rate each week precisely means, how agents price property (the underquoting - why it's there, why its not against the law etc.) and some of her personal perspectives about real estate.

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