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Session for Sunday January 19th, 2014

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Outline for the day

Take-away reading

Introduction and welcome. 31 mins. MP3 Format
Rethinking the emotions, rethinking the numbers, the state of the research presently. Important to hear this first,
it sets the tone for the day.

Handout for introduction and welcome

Morning tea and DVD.

Thought provoking DVD available from the website shellschoolof I will leave it up to members themselves to determine if you wish to view it. It may be challenging to some members. We do the DVD in order to try and understand more, the mindset of Gann himself and the symbols he may have become familiar with as he coded his 1927 novel Tunnel thru the Air; or looking Back from 1940.

18.6 history, Part I. 19 mins. MP3 Format

Handout for Part I

18.6 history, Part II 55 mins. MP3 Format

Handout for Part II

Nodal handout for Part II

Please consult Wikipedia for the relevant North Node information to familiarize yourself with the concept if you need to.

Lunch and DVD. Here we met the real Harry Potter ?

The maths of the Mcwhirter model: presented by Hans Peerson. (Not available to record.)

2010 to 2030. 15 mins. MP3 Format

Handout for 2010 to 2030

North Node sign change and Lunation. 13 mins. MP3 Format

Handout for North Node sign change and Lunation

Afternoon Tea

Bonds to stocks. 9 mins. MP3 Format

Handout Bonds to stocks
Looking at long term interest rates and how the bonds lead stocks at certain times.

Dow assessment 2014. 10 mins. MP3 Format

Handout, Dow assessment 2014

Seasonal Dates 11 mins. MP3 Format

General discussion and using the forum. 24 mins. MP3 Format

Handout, general discussion

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