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Kal's talk about Gann's Coded novel Tunnel thru the Air, May 21 2013

This video is a little slow to get going as we were learning the ropes of new computer programs. Gann coded a lot of information into (Tunnel thru the Air) TTTA, some has been decoded, some not and some stuff that was never there has been found, go figure! Tony Plummer has written a very good book, The Law of Vibration, the revelation of William D. Gann where he explores some interesting ideas, it is well worth reading. We look at some of these thoughts in this session. Kalvert also looks at his booklet Dow Song and Dow Dance, exploring a way a looking at the 10 year cycle of the DOW JONES index. Later planetary cycles are discussed finishing with a discussion about current classes that Kalvert is running at Ross House and over the internet about these planetary cycles.

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