February 2007 forecast for Dow July 2007 high

Continuing this year's market lessons, Gann's decade cycle is also handy to know. Gann was the first to point at that the decadial years ending in 1 and 2 were often lows, year three recovery, year four retracment of that recovery, year five had always been strongly up, and has continued since Gann's day, year 6 a bit undulating but up, year 7, at least until Gann's time, big highs in the (northern) summer, big low in October, year 8 recovery, year 9 high, after which often came recession.

Here are the 07 years, since Gann moved on in 1956. They have happened pretty much as Gann said they would.

Dow 97, 87 - PDF
Dow 77, 67- PDF
Dow 57, 47- PDF

To look forward, Gann said to look back. 07 therefore, count back 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 years and so on. Gann explains how to do this in chapter six of the commodities course, and is highlighted in my classes naturally enough.

Dow 60 months, 90 months - PDF

By any measure, you have to say an interesting probability for a Dow July high and October low this year 2007.

(I did not do this calculation just now by the way. It is something I had looked at several years back, and added to the real estate 18-year cycle stuff, is one more reason I have been bullish these past couple of years, as past emails have stated.)

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