Past Forecasts
Op-ed piece, London Evening Standard, December 31, 2007, Fred Harrison
Alternative link to same article

Latest forecast published in Moneyweek, UK, November 2, 2007 - PDF Format
The Scotsman (Scotland's national paper), Oct 31, 2007: Discrepancy between land and house prices.
(Why Brown is to blame if there's a slump.)

Sunday, Sept 23, 2007 - The run on Northern Rock has come as no surprise to Fred Harrison...
EIS forecast for the Australian Investors Association May 2007 Journal
February 2007 forecast for Dow July 2007 high
Property forecast 2007, reprint from Property Forecast (Vol 10/1 January 2007), UK - PDF Format
Current Decade Cycle Forecast
Fred Harrison cover story, Money Week, 24 November, 2006
September 2006: Raw land rush in the US, indicates US real estate cycle peak has arrived.
September 2006: Stock markets to rise, but underlying credit conditions quietly worsening,
which few will notice till the very end, all at once

May 2006: anecdotal evidence highlighting the turning of the real estate cycle as described
by Hoyt and Wenzlick: the peak rush for raw land.

March 2006: forecasting higher interest rates will eventually expose the weak link in the securitisation lending chain
Ricardo's Law - Fred Harrison's 2006 Release
Boom Bust - House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010 - Fred Harrison's 2005 Publication
August 2005 UK /Money Week/ article
July 2005: Completion of the world's tallest to mark the passing of this current cycle
September 2004: update to subscribers
March 2005, The Observer, UK Newspaper
June 2004: update to subscribers. Same procedure as last cycle ?
April 2004: market forecasts
August 2003 subscriber email: be bullish amidst this US downturn gloom
July 2003 email to subscribers: forecasting a serious property bubble to develop, to
peak in three to four years.

January 2003: the real estate cycle to run the full 18 years, again
January 2003: the second half of the real estate cycle set to unfold
January 2003: anecdotal evidence for a move off the lows, the business
decade cycle to turn up, planes and advertising.

November 2001: brief Kondratieff Wave update, commodities and war
Indicator May 2000
Spectrum 1/5/00
The "Indicator" Feb 2000 The Decade Cycle
"The Indicator", publication July 1999
"The Indicator", publication May 1999
EIS half yearly forecast, February 1999
"The Indicator", publication December 1998
"The Indicator", publication October 1998
EIS half yearly forecast, July 1998
"The Indicator", publication June 1998
"The Indicator", publication May 1998
The Chaos Makers: Fred Harrison's 1997 Release
The Power in the Land: Fred Harrison's 1983 Book and Forecast for the UK Housing Crash of 1992
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