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The Secret Life of Real Estate & Banking - Property Investment Series

There are a lot of workshops and lectures on Real-estate presenting the same old information in a repackaged format or simply designed to convince you to purchase the products promoted by the presenters, now it's time to learn something NEW! WE will teach you how to safely invest in Property.

There is a secret to amassing wealth! But it's NOT what the property spruikers, motivational speakers and financial gurus preach. This truly ground breaking information has been kept secret by the super-rich and the land barons for centuries. Now YOU too can join them! This SECRET will be exposed in full in this series of workshops.

It has its foundations in a little known, but sound economic principle, discovered by an economist more than 200 years ago. His works are studied in Universities throughout the world, however no one teaches his theory of the ULTIMATE PROPERTY SECRET “The Effortless Advantage”.

It is this theory that explains how the economy really works. It explains how the GFC came about. It explains the 1893 Crash, the 1907 Crash, and the 1929 Crash - in fact it explains EVERY SINGLE MAJOR ECONOMIC BUST FOR THE LAST 237 YEARS!

The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking We will show you how the world's foremost Property Cycles expert - Phillip J Anderson predicted in ADVANCE the coming GFC! AND the BOTTOM of the Real-estate cycle. We will teach you how the economy really works as shown in Phillip's 2009 book “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking”.

Property Investment Series Includes:

Real estate can only be a truly winning investment if you know and understand the cycles

Now YOU too can learn about “The Effortless Advantage”


  • “The Effortless Advantage” is the process of benefiting from the increase of asset prices without your physical exertion.
  • This is a very precise scientific process which has little to do with the typical economic explanation of the drivers of the property & stock markets and the economy.
  • By understanding how the economic theory of “The Effortless Advantage” actually manifests in our economy you will understand the how, why & when of the Real-estate, Business & Credit cycles.
  • This valuable information will allow you to PROFIT from knowing when to expect the Tops and Bottoms of the market cycles.


If you understand WHY and HOW these major crashes occur, you will be prepared to PROFIT from them. You will know WHEN and WHAT actions to take with your investments.

This series of workshops is superior to anything you have EVER seen or heard before!

Be ready to PROFIT from the next Credit Induced Land Bust (called the GFC this time! Or the Oil Crisis & Credit Squeeze of the 1970's! Or the Great Depression of the 1930's! Or the 1907 Bankers' Panic etc) AND then PROFIT from the coming BOOM in real estate.

Increase your financial literacy.

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Participants may be required to sign a non-disclosure document.
Workshops will be conducted outside Australia upon demand.
Our guarantee to you is that if after the first day of a two day workshop, you believe we cannot fulfil the aims of the workshop, we guarantee to refund the cost of the workshop, in full.

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