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Planetary Mathematics

Lunation for 2014

The allegory and symbolism of the bible, related to 18.6 and the markets.
Session August 25, 2013. (Posted to site January 2014).

Lunation for 2013:

For 2013, an examination of lunation (the marriage of Robert and Marie) and of the application of planetary angles to markets.

Jan 4 - 6, 2013 EIS sessions DVD.

Access to anything on these pages with a 'purple' arrow requires you to have a copy of the Jan 4-6 sessions DVD. T
his is available from the EIS office. Email us for your copy if you would like to take your study of this area further.

Member session for August 20, 2013;
Hear member Doug Love take you through some trading tactics using amongst other things
biblical and other key numbers that occur in markets.

Detailed description of the Jan 4 - 6 sessions - Click for PDF.

Why study Lunation?
Nine minute video on why this area of study will be of use to your trading

Cotton and Gann's Tunnel
Day 2 04.

Lunations Part II
Bonus session delivered by Kalvert.

The gold trade of 2009:
Planetary timing for the top of December 2009. Though this class does not go further into the
planetary timing, now you know why the Dec top was 360 months exactly from the 1980 top.
This class showed you one way how to trade it.
Click here for the video

Feb 19th, 2013 Tuesday evening session: Continuing Lunation Study

Gann's 1952 forecast; the one he got wrong, big time

And completing the Jan 4 - 6, 2013 sessions:

Handling the opinions of others, Tuesday evening session, Jan 22, 2013
Part I Recording
Part II Recording
Hear Phil explain what to do and how to handle the opinions of others when you read their material.

Handout for handling of other people's opinions

Session recording, Phil's commentary about understanding market movements, Jan 22 2013
Hear Phil explain the market movements over the course of the cycle, and how to use this
knowledge to know what will happen, and when, over the course of the next cycle.
Click here for the Recording

Handout, Phil's commentary Jan 22 2013

March 19, 2013 session recording
lunation analysis for new moons March and April 2013.
Click here for the Session Recording - Video Presentation

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