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Phil's dramatic (and prescient) 2008 call for recovery

MoneyWeek, the UK's largest financial magazine, October 2008, cover: Phil's prediction that markets would eventually recover, with the US property bottom in 2010 and then US stock markets to lead the way upwards...

In part:

"...What will be the sign that the market is turning? Drawing upon past behaviour, the US has led the world both into and out of each property cycle. US land prices peaked in 2006, the UK a year later. So if we know what is happening in the US, we can see what is coming for the UK. The US should hit its cyclical property low at some point in 2010... (then, after that)...The US stockmarket will lead the way...."

If I may say humbly, I was the ONLY person in the world back then, in 2008, even remotely saying the US, and then the rest of the world would (slowly) recover, let alone suggesting how this would happen. Great read there.

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