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Feb 19th, 2013 Session recording:

At this session, here Phil run through how to see trading opportunities as the chart unfolds, including at the start some comments on what to do with other people's opinons, some comments on fundamentals present at the moment, Discussion of the Dow for March and April 2013, plus important dates to watch for the remainder of the year, including the FOMC meeting dates and relating this to the chaart, Gold, $A, and finishing with discussion of Gann's accurate 1923 forecast (published March 5th 1923 in the papers, for the remainder of the year) and brief wrap up with some interesting facts in Gann's 1927 book Tunnel Thru the Air.

Then Phil and Kal begin the study of lunation for the 2013 year and see where this might lead us in forecasting market activity. This video is available only in the 'Planetary Geometry and Lunation section of the website.

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