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From a trading perspective...
Not sure some of you guys actually realize the power of what you have learned with Gann, pno had it all yesterday, and did EXACTLY as i said it would, mid point, degree date and news !

But you have to work hard at it, just as gann makes you do with all that incredibly boring repetition in his works. But everything you need to know is in his charts and examples...And it is really all you need to know - truly. Give the rest away, just do the time and price maths. But do it as your reason for taking the trade, before you trade. Laziness is punished harshly by Mr Market.

An apprenticeship by hand drawing charts, at least initially, is absolutely obligatory - got that. This is the only thing that taught me to be able to see (on some occasions) the right hand side of the chart before it happens.

The skill then is to trade it - that is what has to be learnt through experience, something that never stops. Some trades work out a little better than others, this one was a little strange in that the mid point occurred well after the news on the day, so i had already sold since that is my rule, sell on news, (normally the news is right on or very close to the exact mid point) but it was still a winning trade and something that gives the confidence a lift because it really could be forecast in advance. Mid points of mid points are my speciality. A set up like this, you just know what will happen next. Gann was a genius i tell you, all we have done is copy him. We are fortunate he left his books for us.

The stock will now of course retreat after the news.

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