Worlds tallest - emailed to subscribers - Mon, 25 Jul 2005

Bastille day last week - too much degustation...

in all past cycles since 1873 the worlds tallest buildings have consistently opened at the peak of the real estate cycle, after which there has been a downturn, some downturns were worse than others.

I expect history to repeat because the fundamental structure of capitalism - (built on those govt granted licenses) has not changed. In Dubai, this one - the Burj - is sceduled for completion, as it happens, in 2008, the US tower to follow some time after that. (Thanks to an alert class participant for the photo)

Can you see the inklings of a set up coming here ? World's tallests coming to completion, events at the peak of the cycle to focus the world's attention onto something else apart from; the declining credit standards at banks, the wayward credit creation, wanton and totally unproductive speculation in real estate. (Economic activity will be frenetic into the peak, much busier that it is presently. )

Keep in mind that something at 90 (months) degrees from 9/11 will hit us around March 2009. Could this be what is required to cover up emerging problems of the then about to turn land value, 18 years from the last downturn...
Then from the repeat expansion of our market as I showed recently in class, the 2000 top repeating in sept 2009, then the panic of 2001 coming into play - echoing - for 2009 / 2010, right after the turn of the first square of 90...

Let's see what happens.

just out of interest:
the london bombings were 89 days after the April eclipse (about 87 degrees approx) The count off an eclipse is usually more important than the event of the eclipse itself I have found. Count 30 45,60 etc from the bombing date and see what eventuates - usually something connected

to stocks:
some points to note about JUM attached. Every single living thing does this, moving to its own rythym depending on birth date, and first set of major emotions. So if you want to change your future, one has to meet one's past in the present moment with good discretion. Sounds easy...

The chinese devalued the Yuan this week. If that is your area of study, a count from there will be useful. The currency peg was just over ten years old this year... 15 years takes us into 2009. Watch China. The Chinese govt at the same time has relaxed its visa policies; now any chinaman - or woman - can leave the country for a holiday (to say Britain for example), previously you had to be either a businessman or well connected student. Some estimate there might be 100 million chinese ready to travel by 2020. Accords with the usual historic potential for the upswing of a Kondratieff wave if you ask me.

JUM Chart

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