Update - emailed to subscribers - August 15th 2002

There is a decent article, page 42 of Newsweek Aug 5th edition, on business cycles if you happen to be passing a news stand, by Paul Samuelson. The doyen of world economists even admits that the 19th century's booms and busts are poorly understood.

That's because these economists simply will not accept land as different to their definition of capital, and hence are blind to the fact that if such government granted licenses are permitted to capitalize in value, into tradable commodities, and we then allow banks to create credit backed by this value, you will get a business cycle. We overlay this developing boom and bust on the natural cycles Gann rediscovered, to make the boom really boom, and the bust really bust.

Only Fred Harrison and Henry George books can teach you this. It gets political when US administrations start orchestrating the handcuffing of errant CEO's for a media event.

Had to laugh, the President hosting an economic forum at a University in Waco, Texas yesterday with hand picked attendees, most of whom - the business execs anyway - are republican donors. Think he's likely to hear any dissenting views? Never surround yourself with yes men, otherwise that's all you'll hear. Waco University's football team is called the bears...

Floods in Prague, a haze build up in Asia. Have to note the dates, 60 degrees out from last eclipse, June 10. Coincidence maybe, but I think it portends worse to come, and higher prices for commodities. (Himalayan ice glaciers, I have been there, are forecast to disappear by 2030, not leaving much for our kids are we. Disappointing to see a very oily President deny the problem of global warming.)

The floods here in the more Eastern parts of Europe, watch our next date, Aug 16th (Aust sun time), you can anticipate the flood waters in Dresden to peak on this day. If one studied the sun time more closely I believe it would be possible to calculate the time to the nearest hour, relevant to each city. One day I hope to have the skill to do this. Trading first.

I note the property seminars advertising industry still going strong, judging by emails I get from who knows where. Property peak and crash into 2009/10 continues to look good. Trade well.

You know you are in France when:
at the local pizzeria on the menu is pizza escargot

Here is another way to find stocks.
If you missed the first break, keep watching; see LON. If you can get in at the break, or better still on the gap, as the stock keeps moving, you get a good spot for a stop loss the day after, just under the gap, keeping your risk low, and enabling one to consider adding more stock as the high is crossed. And a repeat run target. Just hold until one of your prices is hit.


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