Trading - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 18 Oct 2005

this email to try and remind you of a few effective trading principles, any questions, just ask. Buying new highs (judiciously) will put you in with the trend and does make money over time. Sorting out emotional concerns is the tough part. This is the same for everyone - no exceptions seen by me yet.

This is trading, and I don't watch the market at anytime during trading hours. And if my emotions don't get the better of me, I try to stick to tried and trusted patterns (cup and handle, triangle) buying all time new highs, where i can measure a range, and the dates stare out at me. The hardest part are those damned emotions

avo, as attached

ext as called earlier, copy attached (and a second file here). Good call I thought, but no profit in that one for me, the Oct down draught swamped the news this time (rare), and I sell on news.

htw attached

by the way, the US is having its busiest hurricane season since 1933 - one more hurricane to hit landfall and will match it. Since 72 years...

the bird flu has brought the biotech stocks back into focus after being way oversold

So along lines as above, you should have noticed already,
tvl (next resistance 28, mid point)
trouble with those are, nice break of accumulation, but there is enormous overhead resistance on the way back up, tho a break is a break

hwg (highlighted previously)

on the principles of an overbalance in price to the upside, bno - where a move above 16.5 would be reassuring mtr, though expect news at the mid point of 19

elx, if the further news is bullish and the stock holds it in the price okay.

If only longer term trading interests you, do the same thing as above but hold, and stick just to stocks with a yield, eg bol. A stock going up has to at some point make new highs... eg, ocl, all time new highs early August

My over-riding aim is to try and always have my buy stocks always in the new highs list. If they ain't there, then I ain't performing. And being 8 hours behind the market, that new highs list always gets me out of bed in the morning over matter what (well almost)

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