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This might interest some of you about Gann. i have found the mag useful on occasions, often too when i have felt a little overwhelmed with all the gann study, reading here was helpful with the motivation when you see what others are doing with the info

but if you are new to gann, i would suggest sticking to gann's books and doing all his examples first

note the first earthquake/tsunami aftershocks and the date, taking place 90 degrees later by the way

March 22, 2005


_The next issue of Traders World Magazine is being released on Monday March 22nd._ There are many excellent articles contained in this issue, that I am sure will help you to be a better trader. It is being mailed to our subscribers at that time and will be available for online subscribers also.

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*1) Practical Elliott Wave and the S&P* /By Robert Miner/

*2) Swing High/Low Trade Entry Set-ups* /By Jaime Johnson/

*3) Interview with Kurt Sakaeda * /By Larry Jacobs/

*4) Emotions* /By Bennett McDowell/

*5) Action Backlash* /By Andrienne Laris Toghraie/

*6) WD Ganns Letters to Students Explained* /By Myles Wilson Walker/

*7) Murrey "presents" Murrey's Profit Pie:M'$pie = 3.125 in Chicago* /By T.H. Murrey/

*8) The Origins of Financial Astrology* /By Brad Stewart/

*9) TradingSolutions 3.0 * / By Larry Jacobs/


*11) Earth Disturbance Cycles on the Rise* /By Eric S. Hadik/

*12) Astro Cycles* /By Larry Pesavento/

*13) W.D. Gann's Secret of The Square of Nine is Hidden in the 1909 Ticker Interview - Part 1* /By Chuck Carpino/

*14) The Livermore Market Key (or who is your Guru?)* /By Andras Nagy/

*15) My Favorite Indicators For Daytrading The EMini Markets* /By Jim Nissen/

*16) Trading Chaos* /By Dr. Al Larson/

*17) Wheat Cycles* *By Daniel T. Ferrera*

*18) ELWAVE 7.5 For MetaStock add-on* /By Larry Jacobs/

*19) The Physiology of Peak Performance* / By Gaby Boehmer/

*20) QuoTrek Now on PDA's & Smart Phones* /By Larry Jacobs /

*21) The Foreward of the Tunnel Thru The Air* /By Michael Wong/

*22) MTPredictor RT 4.0 Software Review Outline* /By Larry Jacobs/

*23) Interview with Jack Winkleman* /By Larry Jacobs/

*24) TradingExpert Pro* /By Larry Jacobs/

*25) WAVE59* /By Larry Jacobs /

*26) Sonata Multi-Monitor Trading Computer* /By Larry Jacobs/

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