Tis the real season to be jolly - emailed to subscribers - Wed, 22 Mar 2006

Another equinox, another high, zero Aries. Happy new year. The AFR puts it all over the front page, (the high that is), a special issue no less, celebrating 5000. What's in a number anyway ?

Don't you love the new media laws. Wouldn't be about license preservation by any chance. Still believe government actually make the laws independently ?

Notice the latest Iraqi events; the largest counter insurgency effort by the US since the start of the war. See how it comes at an anniversary - 36 months in this case.

Speaking of Iraq, attached is an image of Rummy in younger days when Iraq was a US ally - I think it was '83. Image is from from the book 9/11 Revealed, who quote CNN as the source.


Also attached, that study I said I would send, about how people say white is black under pressure from a group. Good to know as we go into the tail end of what have been regular 18 year land cycles

Click here to see the study

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