Time and stocks - sent to subscribers - September 7th, 2002

A very interesting week to observe, just gone.

The US markets had their 2nd largest fall of the year Sept 3, though not on appreciably heavy volume.

Gann showed the influence of eclipses, with several examples of actual trading, in his "Tunnel through the Air" book. I don't have the actual page numbers at hand just at present, but it was in discussing his campaigns in General Motors, and also in wheat, from memory.

Sept 3 is 90 degrees (91 to be exact, 92 days) from the next eclipse, Dec 4. The market action is telling you explicitly that early December is now an important date for the market. In his discussions in the book Tunnel through the Air, Gann illustrated how he traded such events, though it is not immediately obvious from the text; a reconstruction of part of the data is necessary, as it always is with gann. I will try to show you a bit more of this at a later date, at least a beginners understanding anyway.

How the heavens above influence markets. Date counts either side of the actual eclipse is the thing to know. If someone had said this to me ten years back I would have marked them for the loony bin. How Gann ever came to discover this beats me, but it will be biblical based for sure. The more one sees of Gann, the more one can see the bible is just a set of natural numbers, that rule vibration (it is the square roots that are the key I have a hunch), interwoven within the parables. This learning has been forgotten, in our ignorance. The bible is not about religion, at least not as it is practiced today.

I noted what to me seemed an extra busy degree date Sept 6 Aust. time; assassination attempts, earthquakes and floods. That is not a scientific measurement, just seemed that way. This is setting us up for a busy Dec 4 thru 7 I would forecast.

Coming up to one year after Sept 11.
It has been found, according to US evidence, that post traumatic stress syndrome, after major events / disasters like Sept 11, peaks one year, five years and seven years after the event. Those cycles are straight out of Gann's commodities course; his yearly cycles that he found repeated, and how he began his yearly market forecast, by looking at the events, one, five and seven years back. Then he also looked at ten years (120 months), fifteen years (180 months), twenty, thirty and sixty years back. (Notice how the press covered Diana's memorial this year, five years after, but not four or three years to the same extent.)

Now to some stocks - IAS
Here is another way of trying to buy into a trend, once it is already established. Watch for 'space' that develops between the bottom of the move against the main trend, and the previous top. Can be useful daily weekly or monthly. This is illustrated on the IAS chart. Of course this is just another way of looking at original Gann words. Any space simply shows a less than 50% retracement of the main trend, indicating strength of the trend. Any space, indicates the trend is strong, and a further leg up can be expected. See ORG, BMS, GNS for similar patterns. Consistently tradable.


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