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Thu, 28 Sep 2006

what else would you expect - when the rules were introduced the government created a tradable license into water rights - of course it will be hoarded, traded and speculated in. As I said would happen in classes at the time. Same for all government granted licenses, the largest of which is land value.

Poor government and the public: full of persons that have no idea how the economy truly works.

Reminds me of what one great hero of the American revolution, Thomas Paine, pointed out to his fellow conspirators:
"It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from the government."

It will be the same with the carbon trading licenses govt's are trying to get off the ground as one solution to the global warming. Our speculative greed will kill this also.

I noted this week the lead Russian central banker, Andrei Kozlov, was gunned down. Labeled as a contract hit, some bankers were complaining about his efforts to clean up the industry after he had revoked more than forty licenses to "dodgy" banks. Kozlov was in charge of awarding the government licenses for private banking and had decided not to give banking licenses to those who had already been caught earlier either counterfeiting or money laundering, or both.

As to the turning of the real estate cycle, the correct knowledge of how it works is out there guys, it isn't hidden, but does take some understanding to follow it through. For those doing the gann classes soon, I really look fwd to taking you through it - most of all how to add the Gann timing. This from the libertarian journal:

PS: I do not believe there will be a depression once this cycle finally turns down - to strong a word for me. A downturn however is absolutely inevitable, the only question being whether the 18 year scenario will repeat exactly on schedule. Thus far, it looks highly likely, as I have been emailing for years now and something I hope you are not tired of hearing...

But just in case you think we have learned something this time, and that a repetition is unlikely, try this:

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