The echo, JUM - emailed to subscribers - Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Today (yesterday in the US) was exactly 1260 days from Sept 11. In other numbers, thats 180 weeks. I alerted you to that date earlier to watch it. Note the volatility in the US figures overnight, 17 points down on the S&P, 174 on the Dow. This is not a coincidence, (but of course there is volatility on other days too) but it showed up more in currency markets this time. Hope this shows you how time plays its part in all things.

Expect a bit of violence around the world this week, as to what, who knows, but it will appear like an echo, (though not an obvious echo) is the only way I can describe it

Back to the market, JUM becomes a stock to investigate further, based on what I have taught in both fundamental and technical classes: ie, a break of accumulation, these should be quite clear to you now, then perhaps to determine a few more things, have a look at the ASX website as regards announcements, investigate what the stock does, is it making earnings ?, what sector ?, is the sector in favour at present, and so on. Stock to watch here. But note, this is not to be construed as trading advice, it is follow up to you as regards what we learn in class, which I teach you to apply to the market. .

JUM Chart

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