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I noticed Osama's number two was the target of air strikes, 14th jan 2006. First time for a while such things have hit the front pages of the papers. Very close to that 9/11 degree date, 52 months later. Also, increased aust troops to Afghanistan. Mentioning Afghanistan, did you know that Harmid Karzai was formerly on the payroll of oil company Unocal. Unocal is the company that was / is desirous of building an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. At the time, Bush's special envoy to the country was Zalamy Khalilzad, also on the Unocal payroll. After 9/11, and after the Bush administration finally relented and started an enquiry into the whole event, the man bush originally nominated to lead the investigation was Henry Kissinger. (He stepped down after he was told he would have to reveal all his business interests.) He too has a long history with Unocal.

Oil rules.

On the subject of oil, and lately Iran, you can trace much of the current troubles back to the UK decision to partition the whole Arabian and Persian areas in 1919, after the First World War. Note the date. Plus 90 is 2009. The British at this time completely disregarded previous promises they had made to the Arabs to restore their independence if the Arabs fought on the British side to kick out the Turks. 1919 brought to an end approximately 360 years of Ottoman rule. In Iraq, King Faisal was put on the throne, he lasted exactly ten years. His son took over and ruled for 30, till 1958 when he was overthrown in a revolution. (CIA assisted) In Iran, the British sponsored regime change between 1919 and 1921, and put Reza Shah in power. Shah immediately proceeded to take all the land for himself, becoming Iran's largest. He lasted until 1941, (20 years) when he abdicated after both the British and Russians invaded as part of World War II events. Mossadegh came to power in Iran in 1953, but the real emotion was in 1951. Just short of 30 years later, came the Mullahs, 1979. Twelfths of a circle are always interesting. It is possible to forecast emotional events with such numbers.

Mossadegh was 72 when he took over.

A lot happened in the 5 years from 1945 to 1950. The Chinese communist party took power, 1948. (Olympics 60 years later and will be most likely the peak in their real estate efforts.) Israel was born the same year. On June 26, 1950, North Korean Communist soldiers over-ran the 38th Parallel and invaded South Korea. In these five years, 1945 - 50, the Russians annexed and installed red regimes in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Czeckoslavakia and Poland. Greek communists made a violent bid for power. (The Germans invaded Czeckoslavakia in 1938, exactly 30 years later, 1968, the country tried to throw out the Russians and attempted to install their own democratic government, brutally supressed by the Russians after the West said they would support the Czechs but didn't.) The CIA was created by president Truman in response to these threats in 1947, its mandate expanded a year later to include "sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and support to any anti-communist forces anywhere". Enemies to the US rising everywhere, responses all based on fear. (Aggression is a response to inbuilt feelings of insecurity.) 1949, the West created NATO. Add 60 years to all these dates and you can see why things are building in the very same regions today, with the same nations and organisations. Repeat behaviour - it must repeat because behaviour has not changed - chasing the rent of natural resources, land, or more correctly the rent it generates when the land is permitted to be enclosed and fenced off. You can see what happened 30 years from these original dates, Afghanistan invaded by the Russians 1979 (theory goes that the CIA then authorised the Pakistani SIS to grow poppies in the hope USSR soldiers might get addicted, but who really knows) and the Mullahs took power in Iran. Plus 30 equals 2009.

Around 1950/51, if oil had been traded as it is today, it would have a been major high, as people thought armageddon (nuclear) was at hand. There is a set up for major oil moves toward the end of this decade, (gold as well) and of course the privelege holders and economists will require something to blame for the real estate cycle to turn over sometime then, this could be it. History tells us - if you have read my studies closely, that the real estate market turns down after 18 years or so un-noticed, because something else major is always going on at the time. Be aware.

Ironically, Mossadegh was overthrown in 1953 for nationalising his oil industry, taking it off the British. At exactly the same time, the UK government nationalized its coal, electricity, steel, and all transport industries. Such an irony would not have been lost on Mossadegh, /Time/ Magazine's man of the year for 1951. (Chosen above other lead contenders Truman, Eisenhower and Churchill himself. Mossadegh's motto: privileges to none.) The rent in the coal, steel and transport industries though is not as strategic and does not accrue such great power to its holders, especially coal, soon to become yesterday's fuel.

On the subject of 60 years, it applied equally to the developments in East Timor. In 1942, Australia found itself directly threatened by the Japanese who had just taken all of the East Indies and were moving into Timor, a base from which they could easily reach Darwin. Australia found itself back in East Timor in 2002, as a peacekeeping force. Both situations were about oil. You might care to note that exactly half way between these dates, 1972 to 1975, was when Australia sold out the Timorese and carved out the territory with the Indonesians (secret deal signed in a plane above the area). 5 Australian journalists were murdered attempting to find out what was going on. (The British government, it has recently been revealed, knew what happened to them but deliberately covered up the information.) The territory issue died as well after that. Again, it was about the oil. Early class attendees might remember how we followed the oil stock Petroz in the late 1990's involved in offshore Timorese drilling. Again, we were able to note quite clearly how highs and lows could be counted - this time in days and weeks - 30 60 etc, giving later highs and lows. Petroz was eventually bought out by the US oil giant Philips. Any wonder the US gave their ready assent for Australia to lead the East Timor peacekeeping mission. Oil companies require stable, compliant governments so they can extract the oil with minimum land rental payments to the owners, we the people.

Oil rules - or rather, oil companies, exploiting their government granted licenses. An understanding of which, combined with Gann timing techniques, will give you an ability to better forecast economic events. I have clearly shown you over the past several years, events do repeat at thirty, sixty, ninety etc year intervals. Know your history and you can really see what is coming. This is how Gann wrote those unbelievably accurate price and time forecasts in /Tunnel through the Air/ (/Or Looking Back from 1940/)

To other matters:
Funny how just when the US government gets a new battle on its hands to extend its reach for info, and is rebuffed, out comes another bin laden video. Remember I said to you eons ago that this would be the case and to watch for it. Personally I find the connection more than co-incidence. Dark days ahead on the privacy score:

Simply counting 30 60 90 is not going to bring instant wealth to you in the stock market though. You have to know how to read a chart, identify the trend, and put that info together with other things, as Gann shows. I have tried to illustrate this with the latest avo chart. Whatever else you do however, the counts are immensely useful. All stocks will react off dates from major highs and lows. It will show up better when you get a strong trend or a bit of market violence. Trading in the direction of the trend brings best results, and ultimately less stress.

When the Dow has a good few hundred points down, watch our stocks that don't move much; these are the strongest held currently.

So who's addicted ? Top 10 grocery brand sellers in Australia are Coke, Cadbury chocolate, tip top bread followed by six cigarette brands. The tenth, huggies disposables.
Doesn't say much for the nation's health if you ask me.

anyone interested to learn about how the US and UK go about organising a coup, to install oil compliant governments, (complete with key code words read on the BBC, pay-offs to thugs, placement of propaganda and everything else) read /All The Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror/, by Stephen Kinzer. Astonishing read, to naive little old me at least anyway.

and do remember, if you missed out on that first break, keep watching for later opportunities. Many stocks on the way up, pause for a mid point retrace in good time. Paladin Resources Limited.

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