Stocks - Sun, 12 Jan 2003

Refer to sms image.

There is no shortage of stocks doing this, pretty much all the time really in my view (tho some months are more active than others obviously), eg cks (but too thin), clv, cul, egl, oxr, voy

that is, breaking across double or triple tops of the past, which often were important mid or fib points. All of them broke on decent volume and gave plenty of time to get in.

I am not suggesting for one minute that i get them all, but I do manage to get a few. I don't believe this to be hard, though it is a skill that has to be acquired.

So on the above basis, you could be watching at present ygl (could however be a bit on the thin side - depends on the break), zim, aac, chq, jbm, mcp, to mention a few

There are plenty more.


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