Stocks - Mon, 24 May 2004

good symmetry on aristocrat.

Previous emails did tell you to watch for it. If you have been getting my emails for a few years now, sorry to bore you with the repetition; pattern just repeats and repeats.

Markets run in cycles, some months easier than others, and the long side was not easy the past three months - but Gann timing showed reasons to see this in advance.

For the end of May, one could adopt another strategy and look for mid point retracements on up trending stocks, so the stocks to watch for this would come out of your new highs list built up over the past 6 months or so, that you should maintain in your charting package. May lows should end up good lows on many stocks, as we move into June and July. Give preference to stocks with earnings on such a strategy, ie industrials mainly

A pattern like tim also should be watched for - held sideways a while as markets retraced. Any move above 138 is bullish, effective stop loss at 120.


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