Someone in the market always knows - emailed to subscribers
Fri, 08 Sep 2006

A tidbit I found in some old files, AFR April 17 2003: "Journalists knew that HIH was going bad but they didn't dare to publish."

The only thing that ever surprises a market is an earthquake.

So the AFR article of September 2-3 (weekend edition) page 27 about US insider trading makes for interesting reading. (Too big to fwd here)

"volume jumped in shares in CarrAmerica on February 17, the day the real estate investment trust struck a confidentiality agreement with a potential bidder and Goldman Sachs began providing the bidder with an analysis of the books"

Close attention to the details of your charts will tell you how to catch some of the moves, which I have shown from time to time in past classes. Someone always knows and has chosen to act upon that information, who tells someone else, who tells...

Of course this has been known to have been used as a way of deception too, hence the importance always of referral to the chart first.

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