Some notes of interest - emailed to subscribers - Sat, 30 Apr 2005

Great pic - laying the foundations for the bust to come:

remember, china is new to this game, as Japan was after the war. In 1993 in China you couldn't give away the real 15 years = 2008 for a peak in my view

It all comes back to the land.

perhaps we are in the wrong business: page 47, last weekend's AFR, cometh the dollar.....

notice the emotional build up in memories: 60 years, WW II, 90 years, anzac

some persons may find this of use (ironically comes out of where I live in France, how's that)
let me know if anyone finds it of use, re printing lines on paper

there is also this that some may find of interest

the A380 had its first (test) flight Wednesday 27th April 2005 French time - a birth date and rather emotional moment - so we might follow how that goes in years to come - Back in January was the unveiling which might also be countable. I will bet that further related emotional events follow gann timing of 30 60 90 etc.
From an economic viewpoint - the plane lowers the cost structure of airlines - like all new inventions do. If it were not for govt granted licenses being permitted to capitalize into tradable values, especially land price, all manufactured items in the economy would exhibit declining prices over time. This is the way it should be.

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