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Some refs that may be of interest:

About UK land value; note the red line in the graph, actual land values. They won't go up forever.
Compare this to

Watch the link between land price, lack of houses built, buyer affordability etc. If you can't see this immediately, you need to read Harrison, The Power in the Land. We are definitely into the last half of the real estate cycle now

Recent reports say Greenspan is congratulating banks. "the weakness in credit quality that accompanied recent recessions has been mild for the banking system.." That's because a land price downturn was not involved. Credit expansion in the US is at all time records - Bush and Co want to keep that power - which feeds ultimately into land price. Do not be fooled at the top.

Some trading / gann sites, if you have not seen them already, both free
see particularly his articles on gann's 'seasonal time', and 'an explosion waiting to happen'
the newsletters in particular. If anyone can point to a recent example using vol 3 No.1, the size of the base, determining the height of the bull run, I would be most interested to see it. Current beans run could be indicative - but measuring the base is not certain.

Some serious accusations from a well respected author, timely at 30 months off 9/11, released March
This guy does not have a barrow to push, as distinct from recent book by Clark perhaps, and others. I have said to some of you before, I do not believe a plane went into the Pentagon, the damage was simply inconsistent with it.

30 months on from Sept 2001
Perhaps I am reading in too much here, but Bush did seem to be on the back foot for the first time over 9/11 this month; US market reaction, more than usual recently over global security concerns, and the public senate hearings over the issue in the US, all 30 months from Sept 11. Yearly market lows in the US this month. (first overbalance of time since March 03) That is Gann action for you, right before our eyes in my view. I try to record this sort of action on the time circle I showed you, for those who did the gann class. Everything works to this sort of timing. Could it be argued the assassination of the Hamas leader is the most alarming since 9/11 ? Moot point perhaps, nevertheless downward volatility came back into the markets this month, first time for a year.

As a ps,
Al was born sept 22 2001, so it will be easy for me to count his monthly timing, this month he just endured 9 days without his mother, first time, and seemed to be traumatic for him, (not to mention for his father looking after him) his excema returning for the first time since we got rid of it over a year ago. Coincidence ? Funny how it happens.

War profiteering - if you have a look at past cycles, the men of influence within each always included the profiteers from the last war:

Always keep an eye on the banks, and what they are up to:

The anti corruption struggle in China, a fight between govt and crooked bank officials amongst other things

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