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Start a count off the flooding of New Orleans, and let's see what it gives us. I noted with interest the hurricanes most potent force was 144 days after the eclipse of April 8, just out of interest.

$20 billion to get things started from the US government. No doubt about the American can do attitude. I note with interest here however, that in all past real estate cycles in the US, as we went the last few years into the cycle, (about after 15 years from the prior trough) the most active players for that cycle found themselves more and more over-extended (though it did not appear that way from the outside) and way into debt. For those who have my written material on these cycles, go back and see for yourself. Can't help but get the feeling this is repeating...
And in each of those cycles, at the end, rising interest rates finished those players off that were heaviest in debt.

to other things
important article here

you watch, parts of the theft will have been by the US dark side (as I call it, ie the criminal element) - merely repeating history as per past war involvement. The largest theft in all of history took place in the US between 1982 and 1988, out of the banks, about perhaps $30 to $50 billion (yes Billion). Stay tuned, more coming on that one.

any gain will trickle slowly into land price - all part of the cycle as we move into the top

I am sure you can sympathise; it is all about the emotion, which is another way of describing a chart
but if one has to turn into some sort of psycopath to get rid of the emotion, forget it.

Gold has broken that key level of around the $448 mark. Anything pertaining to gold will have an emotional time 1979 plus 30 years. You can be certain of this now. The market prices in the turmoil before hand remember. I would expect this to involve the US, Iran and energy. Also banks and debt.

Good call of mine on mgx I thought. Even nicer to have traded it this time too. So continuing along the line of what is taught in class, one would have their eyes on atp as a study of Gann technique. And we wait for the break

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