Same procedure as last war - emailed to subscribers - Sat, 05 Aug 2006

Arabs and Israeli's are at war again. From our point of view, we can start a degree count from the beginning, (or at least this beginning), July 13.

Without trying to preempt results, I can forecast for you that the most loss of life, most severe damage, most emotional days, WILL fall on recognizable numbers (time frames) from the start of the war (birth date) and on the usual monthly Gann dates as Gann gave them in the back of that stock book of his.

Believe me, this will happen. To know it, one has only to find the exact birth date, which may or may not be easy to do. So if you want to see how Gann worked his time frames, follow the events in this conflict, since it will be highly emotional for everyone concerned.

You can see already, as we approached 360 hours into the conflict, it saw the highest number of rocket attacks. (Attached, Hezbollah rocket attacks, as reported by the Denver Post, July 27.) Yesterday, the Israeli's suffered the most number of casualties of any day. Yesterday (Thursday / Friday) was 21 days into the conflict. Some will tell you, 21 is a Fibonacci number, but Gann knew it as 360 plus 144, in degrees.

(Hourly count, 15 days by 24, then 6 days by 24.) This is just counting time around a circle. A day is a year to the Lord, if you wanted to put it into terms Gann might have used referring to biblical terminology. The world was created in 6 days, on the 7th he rested. There are your numbers, 6 by 24, 144. Gann's most important number.

If you have been receiving these emails since after 9/11, then you know this will work. It is what we did at the outbreak of hostilities for the conflict with the US in Afghanistan. (When the web site is back and fully functional, these emails will be available to view on the site, so the rest of you can back test what we were doing at this time.)

Emotional turns in the conflict will take place on degree counts. You can forecast this in advance.

[I feel sure Gann was able to do a lot more than just this, forecast the most emotional days. Gann was definitely, on occasions, able to suggest what might cause the emotion on such days. Me, I'm still working on this one for the moment.]

But I would not blame you if you find the present Middle-East stuff one big turn off. In the US, fewer and fewer are paying attention. In fact when I was there, it occurred to me, the US is so big, and there is so much else happening there, these events are practically irrelevant politically to the mainstream. So the government can do what it likes mostly. Worse however, is the lunatic religious right over there and the conclusions they are putting out. A good deal of the US agenda is now being driven by a few religious nuts that actually believe the present middle east conflict is a presage to the end of the world and the second coming. Christ's believers are going to be lifted up to heaven, the non-believers go straight to hell. As forecast by the biblical revelations. You have to see the TV evangelists to believe it. (The rapture index is only at 158 today though, so we are all safe for the moment...) Again, nothing like a bit of fear to raise one's profile and standing and attract the fearful to you. You see this in the market all the time as well, people simply unable to think clearly for themselves. Ruled by fear or greed, surrendering their power to someone else.

Way back in 1844, William Miller prophesised the end of the world. This, he believed, would take place in the October of that year. 50,000 of his newly converted sold up all their possessions and waited with him in the fields to be ascended to heaven with him. (Yes it's true.) Well it didn't happen, so Mr Miller went on to found a 'church' - 7th day Adventists - who are still preparing for the end... with substantial tax advantages.

Presently, evangelists like John Hagee, writer of the book Jerusalem Countdown, tell their flock "The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching...rejoice and be exceedingly glad - the best is yet to be." "The battlefield will cover the nation of Israel" he says, "A sea of blood drained from the veins of those who have followed Satan..."

His sermons are on 120 TV stations beamed into a potential 90 million homes. Hagee, and others like him, also run churches, which allow all records to remain private, with no taxes on earnings payable. Nice deal, if you can get it.

Guys, let me tell you: absolutely nothing presently can change, because the economic structure and thought patterns we are, collectively, taking into the future is exactly the same as what we created in the past; built on credit created out of thin air to finance government granted licenses, the largest of which is land value. Economically speaking at least anyway.

To summarize then: be careful what you believe yourself, most of which will just be rubbish that we took on board over a lifetime or two. Your beliefs create your future, which will unfold in a time sequence as shown by W.D. Though may I say, the future is likely never absolutely certain, merely a set of probabilities. So for ourselves at least, without worrying about anyone else, let us try to meet with discretion, what comes towards us from the future, if we can. One trade at a time.

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