Speech by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on U.S. Foreign Policy,
and some stocks

here is a speech worth reading, attached [PDF].

It is from the following website if you want to authenticate it (you may want to after reading a bit of it): http://www.house.gov/paul/

you should also read this reference...
more coming on that one

So the Howard regime faces perhaps its most critical time ten years into its reign with the AWB wheat scandal. One cannot help but note the lying and total deceit from practically everyone involved. Seems to me though that a government only ever sets up an inquiry when it knows what the outcome will be, so don't expect too many revelations to upset the government. Expect too, if things get a bit hot, to see some spin deflection. We have seen two already, Howard and the nuclear solution, the Treasurer and his Muslim comments. Hope I don't appear overly cynical but it is politics after all. Prominent politicians denouncing the Iraqi regime, whilst companies around the world go on funding it. Same 15 years ago in 1990/91, when it is thought some world governments put funding through the Atlanta branch of the Banco Nationale Lavoro (BNL) allowing Saddam to secretly re-arm - $5 billion worth it is estimated, to prop up the Iraqi dictator whilst the US went in just after to take him out of Kuwait.

As for AWB, watch any shares sales by insiders or those in positions where they could know, as always.

Perhaps these guys could use the Enron ethics guide, published by that company July 1 2000.

From page 12-13, 'laws and regulations affecting the company will be obeyed...illegal behaviour will neither be condoned nor tolerated.'

So we watch as the regime in the US is this year explicitly allocating an extra $75 million to spend on propaganda campaigns to unseat yet another regime, this time in Iran. Behaviour isn't changing much. I point this out in light of past several emails, 60 years from the Mogadesh issue in Iran, a timing issue, not to appear anti-American.

By the way, ever wonder who actually funds most of the wars nation states wage on one another. You do, we all do. Nation states do it through the use of Fractional Reserve Banking. The recent 30-year US government bond issue is a perfect example. The US government issues the paper, it is bought by pension funds, super funds, savings institutions and banks seeking safe, long-term returns on government bonds. Simple credit creation. Whilst it goes on, more money in the system, easy credit, up go asset prices, the cycle goes on. Mind you, the party often stops if they start thinking the seller isn't credit-worthy.

Bird flu makes the headlines again this weekend. We are 135 days off the 10/10/05 Biota high. Good numbers in the circle. 135 is 3-eighths of a circle. That bta high will call the news over the next few years, in the shape of a circle.

Just like the latest Philipines dramas - another failed coup. 20 years ago, Feb 22 1986, Marcos was toppled from power by the people's revolution. This was in response to the killing (never solved) of Ninoy Aquino at Manila airport Aug 21, 1983, 30 months (exactly) prior. Aquino was returning at the time to challenge the Marcos dictatorship.

As to forecasting:

"difficult to see - always emotion is the future", says Yoda to Luke Skywalker, episode V of Star Wars as Luke attempts an understanding of Jedi status.

Do your Gann counts and you will see a square and triangle in the circle for the timing. Somebody needs to tell Yoda.

to some stocks

avo will have a go at the tops this week after a retracement into the third run on the daily. Watch the numbers.

see how stocks wind up into mid points after completion of the ranges...
see sen attached [PDF], the lines highlight those mid points. If you can't see why the low at 56 friday had to happen, email me.

hwg looks well on the way to its mid point of the extremes at 44 or so, solid move back up after the news announcement this week.

hyo bouncing off the bottoms could be interesting if it can improve its fundamental outlook in the industry it is in, as per past classes, watch how it accumulates at lows, though as I also show in classes, faster money is made on the breaks into all time new highs. Depends on your trading style and why you are buying.

jum accumulating at mid point once again, third time, has to go up this time, you would not want to see it break lower. Gann says buy at these accumulation points, stop under the level of the lows, even better if this is just fractionally above a decent mid point. It's all in the maths - do you do them on the stocks you look at ?

str, note the oh so common pattern: break into all time highs, news at the top (31st), retracement back to mid point (exact) sits on past highs, move back up. Very bullish. Highs (40) turn into mid points (40 minus 19, added to 40) (for a past example of how that works, see avo, 45 - 20 added to 45 = 70, in this instance you could also do 45 -12 added to 45 = 78, next top out came in at mid point of these two results, but at least gave us a very clear selling range. Stocks only have certain numbers in them, make sure you know them.) If / when the move up continues on str, this enables a solid forecast to be made, and sell point if you have bought in lower. You can also be certain that the next target high for str at 61 will occur at a repeat range of some sort, on a recognizable time date off past emotional dates, probably on further news. So there is a forecast for you. (Pattern works best when stocks are trending up and keep making new highs, because there are no old numbers from way back to confuse the issue, (can't be new highs then can it) but even if there were old numbers, Gann's examples show you how he handles the old numbers in his book 45 Years in Wall Street.)

bar, big volume day Thursday for a speeding ticket - company says we know nothing naturally, so could be watched for a move over past highs.

Please note, the above examples are given in the spirit of past classes to show you how Gann works, and to show you how, before it takes place. They are not recommendations as you know, and we all accept responsibility for our own trading, which you also know. Also, these are the best examples i can ever give you, so they are for your info only.

observe the forecast from the HIA economists - they don't study history, any wonder the public simply get confused

Finally, in the wake of the totally stage managed Packer memorial,

Worth a read in view of the writer. Also worth reviewing the Weekend Australian Magazine Feb 18-19, page 14 the Phillip Adams article on same, for another view. These guys ought to know. Note Packers probably two most important events for him, exactly 15 then 30 years prior.

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