Enter rip van winkle - emailed to subscribers - March 29th, 2003

We have been asleep guys, asleep. Our job in life is to find a trend, any trend, and get on it. This is like trying to identify beauty really; hard to describe but instantly recognizable when seen. And when you do see it - a trend that is - here is what you do with it; measure the first range out, against the prior trend. And there have been plenty of trends I would have liked to have measured lately...

See the bond chart. Gentlemen prefer bonds I'd say.
Bonds Weekly - PDF
Bonds Daily - PDF

I have shown mostly price work, there is plenty more time wise that complemented price. See the oil and gold charts.
Oil - PDF
Gold - PDF

They all do the same thing. At mid points and repeat runs, you will be able to forecast the future turn of events, minor or major depending on the larger or smaller range, simply by knowing that the relevant market you watch will change trend at these mathematical points. Trade accordingly with the impending trend change. Or, what's wrong with just taking an appropriate option trade at these larger range repeat runs or significant mid points? What's more, one does not require extensive hand drawn monthly charts or angles to get these points, that refinement can come later. You just need the data for the software to draw the charts.

And for more showing the importance of mid points, in case you ever doubted it, see the Dow chart - PDF. (2001 example) .gif

Some quick rough and ready workings on the Euro included also. Euro - PDF

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On to some general comments: Great to see Mike Moore honored recently for his bowling for Columbine documentary. This is a must see film.

The British Ministry of Defense spoke recently about the 'rhythm of war'. I found that an interesting phrase to have been used. The rhythm will be there and the charts will show you how to spot it. You will find that war machines take their breathers, i.e. troops replenished military re-supplied, etc. mostly between the Gann dates. The fighting then builds up and emotions peak on the Gann dates which you can work out from past major market highs and lows, as I have shown you how to calculate. How about we watch and see what happens this war, to see if this indeed occurs.

Apparently, the last gulf war ran 42/43 days. As we noted before, 45 days from the start of this one takes us to May 5, a date to watch especially in my view. The next Gann date that I watch for is April 4th. As the turn of events have it this time, it is a Friday. Friday is prayer and mosque day around the Middle East, enabling the Imams and Mullahs to inflame already high passions. Expect very high emotions next weekend all round the world probably, but especially in Arab lands I would say.

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