Patterns - Thu, 16 Jan 2003

May I take the time to remind you that breaks of long accumulation are the best trades to be on - they don't all progress to be excellent runs - but many do. Hence get on them. Happy to accept that rea in this instance could be regarded as a little thin; our market has too many such stocks, however it is the pattern I want you to see here.

cti is another in the same pattern. Someone is buying, so I would suggest news is coming.

In the same vain, uec would be one to watch presently.

Patterns don't get much better than this - qtk. If I ever make it to that great big trading desk in the sky, I'l be taking a redback with me for W.D. I can assure you. I'd say qtk have something to tell Mr market, don't you think ?

Year's high so far, jan 7; heaviest volume day, Jan 15th. Our dates are off to a flying start already this year....


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