Our dates - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 30 Aug 2005

It is worth relating Pierpont's words (Fri Aug 12 issue) about Reefton, and then Marathon resources, to their respective charts, and then see if it tells you anything. Good way to learn a few things.

Let's see how our dates are performing. From the April 16th email, where the important dates to watch for changes in trend were listed for the remainder of the year. I hope you can see that the monthly highs and lows are generally on these dates. Dates you can calculate in advance. Trading them is another matter though, and requires study. Our market is not making mid point retracements whilst trending up - aka strong market. Exceedingly bullish. Aug 23 is a reversal bar though, so down for a few days off this.

JUM chart also attached, the dates for which we worked out in the wednesday classes. These dates have also been the monthly highs and lows. I think this is pretty amazing. Meanwhile the world wastes its time fighting, instead of putting resources into such things as discovering why the above dates might work, and how this could be taken advantage of to improve lives.

Notice the overbalance on JBM. This stock has topped out for the time being. If you had bought some time ago on the break, and held, now is when you would take profit.

Well the above was written early last week, Aug 23, before I took a bit of a break. The rest follows as of today:
For those who were part of the wednesday group, I asked you, as part of your gann education, to count the days on your charts off highs and lows, and in particular, to count off the SPI feb 24 low, and note that the 90, 120 and 180 counts were most likely to be important days. After today's action, (this time the cause was a hurricane bringing volatility to markets) now you know why you count. (The feb low itself was 180 weeks from 9/11 - some days are themselves more important to count from.) The market tells you in advance which days will be more volatile than others. Are you counting ?

I have recently heard that the Playboy Playmate of the Month of May 05 wants to quit modeling to go into real estate. Could this be an indicator ?

Note too, the surge in US poker playing and gambling. As we go further into the decade, the stakes will go higher, so too the jackpots and numbers of people involved. Watch with interest. The real estate peak should see a real surge in such things as this, though each peak has always been just a little different to disguise the fact.

SPI Chart at Aug 23

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