Mwe - sent to subscribers - September 14th, 2002

Sometimes a stock mentioned on the virtual list catches my eye. This time, mwe. (Actually the stock was already on my list, see below.) Here is some action to study. An eye for detail is worth developing.

The volume spikes looked especially interesting; enough to suggest the company might be on to something here. Sometimes at this point it can be useful to find out a little about what the company does. It takes a few months at least to assay results of drilling, but the company and the drillers will have an idea if something looks promising... .

You can see that buying the announcement is too late (announcement Sept 10, 16:02:27 - how does the market know it's coming 11??) issuerid=4916

If you want to buy it now, best to wait a day or two for better price, if your emotions allow it! Trend looks promising, especially the weekly, so too the announcement. Ckg

shows the same volume spike roughly 3 months prior also. (No chart attached.)

This is not seeing something in hindsight, the stock should be on your list to watch by 19th August, as the stock started appearing on the new highs / rolling year records list, volume confirming the trend.

Now just let's hope they have re-discovered Lasseter's lost reef!

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