More Trends - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 04 Apr 2006

All the uranium excitement - 60 years after the bomb see. And exactly 240 months after Chernobyl, to the month. (And we are 72 months from the boil-over of march 2000 - for those who were there, we'll never forget it.) Not to mention it is far easier to own the mine in the ground and collect the rent, than to enclose the sun for solar power. Hope you can see how the license owners ensure we will not get the better, safer, cleaner, more sensible, less dangerous, easier on the mind solar option.

Also, now you can see what all the stirrings were about, the recent western leaders all meeting in various different countries to decide who gets what as far as the yellow cake goes - who can buy it, who sells it, non-proliferation details sorted out, security issues thrashed out, to clear the way for the big interests to get started, and governments to make the agreements. Governments do not run countries I can tell you, they merely jump to the license holders demands. Governments depend for their existence upon solid economic growth and licenses being in order, so as to maximize tax collection - which is why they promote growth - at any cost.

Be assured too, this is now the official response to greenhouse warming and confirms in my view that governments do now see this issue as urgent - i think they are privy to information that is yet to get out to the public. They are preparing the groundwork for what is to follow, I believe too that you can now take the greenhouse effect as real, no matter what anyone else says anywhere. To me, recent uranium events have been far quicker than the normal snails pace at which governments usually operate. It has been really very odd and most out of order.

I think you would have to now question waterside coastal property: the opposite to what the herd is doing all round the world - acquiring water views. The herd is ALWAYS wrong at extremes. (But this extreme is way off yet) I could be wrong, but that is what i see about this weeks uranium news. You heard it first here. Note the market knew already as far as uranium is concerned. Uranium stocks have long been making new highs.

Lovely early K wave scenario as well this one.
high land prices see, telling you where we are in the cycle - very repetitive of the early seventies and late eighties - honest, absolutely no one seems to have a sense of history, so here we go again

Another drive by shooting in Sydney on the weekend just gone. Attached, the dates so far. The latest is at 90 degrees from the first and could have been expected. Note Feb 17 is 45 days from Jan 3. Anything emotional...

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