More date workings - emailed to subscribers - August 27th 2002

Here's a pattern for you; take each of the major tops of our market in the last 15 years, these are, Sept 87, 4/10/89, 3/2/94, 2/10/97, and 29/6/01. Major changes of trends then took place 90 degrees later after each of these dates, and then 120 degrees further, i.e. plus 90, then plus a further 120. The change 7 months (210d) from the original top seemed to come a few days early in most instances.

Now do this off our 14/2/02 top, plus 90 = mid May, a top, plus 120 puts it around 18/9, but could come early, and just before that we have Sept 11 anniversary. Note the top 9/7/02, is 60 degrees prior to 11/9.

This Sept is 15 years from the Sept 87 peak, that's 180 months, a mid point of the important 30 year cycle.

The spi double topped March 7 2002, plus 7 months will make early Oct important also. My thinking at the moment, to watch for, is a top mid Sept, then further run down into early Dec, 60 degrees off early Oct. Watch for news Sept 11, Sept 18 and early Oct to effect world stock market emotions. Just something to watch for.

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