May 2 email - emailed to subscribers - May 2nd, 2003

On the spi:
I would start a count off Apr 30 just to see what happens - I have in mind that 60 deg later could be important, June 30 to July 2. April 30 a price reversal day, 31 trading days off Mar 13 low. Ranges up have been contracting, (therefor pressure is on the downside for next few days) next dates, May 5 / May 7.

I have added the cotton.gif assessment as per adding to previous email to you. I believe it pays to know the weekly ranges of past several years action - this is part of the game of 'measuring the first range out' that I have spoken about often before. The next retracement and range in the same trend is usually directly proportional to the previous one.

No doubt you get a few Gann emails from around the traps and other sources, all identifying great Gann setups - in the past. (I am guilty of this as well.) No problem with that - it's been said before the best way to learn the future is study the past; however there comes a time when you have to start trading the right hand side of the chart. Hence the previous email, and this one too. Coffee.gif included for you. Now I cannot guarantee the forecast of course, but there are good numbers on that one for the immediate short term, say next two months.

July beans is the market though, note the break of accumulation pattern from last month. Observe and learn there. I had the November continuous chart under eye, not the same pattern is it. Live and learn.

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