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And i would like to talk about the uses of astrology....

inquiring and open minds are needed, always, which is why Gann disguised his references to this style of thinking.

All the shah's men. Read it yet ?

Impeccable timing

Personally though, if the US military want something to stay secret, it stays secret. Leaks are mostly deliberate, for political reasons. However, this is coming from Seymour Hersch, gives me pause for thought...

Just as a note on this, as I said to you all those months ago after the event, remember we count off 9/11, 30, 45, 60, 72 and 90 months. We also start a count of 7/7/05 now, plus 30 months, takes us to Jan 4 2008. Key emotional time frames.

The US reminder of what it could do - deliberate leaks in my view - about Iran developing the bomb (war, invasion etc via newspaper quotes [and again, I have to remind you to read All the Shah's Men for a great account of how government interests used the media for exactly that purpose just about 60 years ago]) has interesting timing in addition to the nuclear timing alluded to last email. Add 180 weeks to any date this month and it takes you to Dec 2009 / Jan 2010. That is 360 months exactly from the Iranian hostage crisis (began Nov 4 1979 and lasted 444 days - itself a very good Gann number) that Jimmy carter had to deal with. The present drama now is telling us to expect drama at this future time, guaranteed. It's a timing thing you can bank on. 180 is an absolutely key time frame in anything. I hope you can see how you can use such numbers to forecast quite accurately. We can of course, do it the other way by taking that thirty year anniversary and deduct 180 weeks. Exactly what you should do in the market off every major high and low. It is all just a circle.

Do note - we are out on a limb here - it is established academic and economic religion that the future is random and cannot be forecast. (The philosopher Karl Popper and his theories [The poverty of Historicism he called it] rule academia on this one.) So we will just stay quiet about it all for the present and continue using the circle to make good profits in the market shall we not ?

Which brings us to the more important bit...

I said to you some years ago, and indeed forwarded to you then, an essay on oil timing looking back to its birth date in 1859, and counting forward in the usual 30 60 90 format. We concluded that the year 2009 would bring significant oil emotion. Note the oil highs this month. 180 weeks from late December 2009. Though I think October 2009 will be the date to watch maybe. Regardless, 2009 should see major price extremes.

The oil market is telling you in advance what it is going to do, I am telling you to prepare for it. All markets work the same.
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all good K-wave stuff, he was good Kondratieff. Human stupidity (read paranoia in this instance from Stalin) that sent him to the salt mines for simply supplying his opinion is so incredibly sad... How is it we allow these leaders to get away with it. Speaking of which, I had occasion to review human atrocities over the past century with the SBS programme on the Armenian Genocide by the Turks, starting 1908 culminating in horrific events of 1915. As it happened after that: 30 years later, Nazi's against the Jews, around 1938 culminating 1945 when most of it was uncovered, 30 years later, Pol Pot, 1975 (the killing fields of Cambodia lasted officially 3 years, 8 months and 20 days, put another way that is 1355 days, or 180 weeks plus 90 days exactly.)

In anyone's language, they would have to be the three worst - only - officially defined genocides of the 20th century. All based on religious differences. So perhaps it is not surprising the events currently, Dharfur and perhaps Iraq: religious hatred. Good men will do good things, evil men will do evil things. But it takes religion to get good men to do evil things.

another example of why charts always have the news built in before it is public.

aahhh Johnny:
he has just completed installing the most sophisticated laws possible to allow his security services to look, listen and peep into almost every facet of Australian life if he chooses to, but can then turn around and suggest the AWB wheat cables detailing Iraqi kickbacks, well he didn't see them. Yeah right. I think this is the lowest I have ever seen any politician anywhere in the world go. He's a champion of mediocraty is our PM - challenging all Australians to be average...

Imagine if I ran my classes that way ! Aspire to greatness guys, always. And if you do ever make a mistake, admit it and learn. But it confirms much of what I try to show in classes about events within the real estate cycle. Generally, the only things that can bring about a change of Federal governments in any society where land value is enclosed is either government mismanagement, blatant financial corruption, or a land price downturn. The next land price downturn is due after 2009. See, where land value is enclosed, wages will be low, and taxes high. So the only way Joe and Jane average can get ahead is through rises in their house (land) value. So when it is seen that this will decline in future, rather than go up, Joe and Jane get angry.

I hope you are following the news of the Westpoint group collapse (mezzanine financing) this time owing 4000 investors $320 million. There was an excellent report in the AFR, Friday April 7 if you can be bothered to refer back to it. Easy credit. Early days yet, and a drop in the bucket so far, but it is revealing the money that is going into these schemes, and of course where the herd money is going now. Do the opposite.

I have scanned for you a copy of AFR article on low-doc loans: bankers doing their job making as many loans (creating credit remember) as possible to increase profit. The higher land price goes, the more originality of design they have to show to allow affordability of the loan by borrowers. (AFR March 21)

Scanned also, another sign of the times, luxury car buying. (AFR Feb 24) This process won't stop tomorrow, and will be another several years in the making. Admittedly it is a news article, and not at all scientific, however continues the circumstantial confirmation for me of the continuing boom for real estate for a while yet. I reckon the higher the market goes, the more it can attract the mum and dad's to the fever, the better the brokers go, the more the bankers make (margin loans,fatter profits) and we repeat again don't we...

The latest Chinese Premier Hu in the USA, brings back memories of the last one to visit. One of the senior translators at that time was Wendy Deng, privy to much of the high level conversations that went on. Old Rupert scooped her up just a little later, just after all the hassle he had with the Chinese when Rupert's publishing coy was publisher of a book highly critical of the Chinese, divorcing his wife of many years for Wendy not long after receiving a medal from the Pope for services to catholicism. Gotta laugh. Just after that Newscorp did rather well with a few govt granted Chinese broadcasting licenses as I recall.

a final point some of you may find of interest:
Robert Kiyosaki has had plenty of success with his Rich Dad Poor Dad stuff. Personally I thought the books worth a read. It is always good though to read opposing points of view to help see other people's angles - I hope i explained that okay and you know what I mean. Anyway, for some interesting analysis of the Kyosaki phenomenon (seems he is not all he appears to be) I refer you to the following (and thanks to the person that passed it on to me)

Luxury Car Sales
Low Doc Loans

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