It all comes out in the laundering - emailed to subscribers - Mon, 20 Feb 2006

At 52 months, now we start to see where it all went - the money that is. Nothing new in this - an old story. And I think it's deliberate. Allows political campaigns to be built by recycling the crisp new notes to other areas..."

And it was organized too -"

Is it really such a leap to suggest the same govt may have had a some sort of prior knowledge of 9/11 as well ? We may never know. But the questions have to be asked when a Republican government does all it can to suppress enquiries it doesn't want, or cherry-picks intelligence reports to justify a war.

So observe how the administrations constantly lie to us:

and confirming for you that what you see in politics is almost always a set up, for someone's image or benefit:

Sorry to harp on about this, but you need to know it when applying your knowledge to what you hear going on around you. Take for example the recent news about the yield curve inverting. Expect monetary and govt officials to put a positive spin on this - they have to - their jobs depend upon a growing economy and on keeping the vested interests happy. The top bankers do realize that the economy is built on the confidence trick of credit creation. Be aware: never believe the pronouncements of those with vested interests in the outcome. Use your own judgement as determined by what the numbers do, not what someone else is telling you about it. Whilst the slight inversion persists, stock markets have a tougher time rising and usually track sideways until the direction of interest rates becomes clearer.

More to come on the slight inversion soon.

An excellent example of how the cycle is coming to a top of some sort - all the good looking forecasts start coming out. The next downturn will put a dent into this one, and besides, China eradicating poverty... it's not possible whilst the rent remains privatized.

Perhaps we had our change of trend in the weather, 180 degrees off Aug 11 - the weather in Melbourne sure turned nastily cold late in the week before last.

As you would know though, we were anticipating a hot extreme, not cold. Herein lies one of the problems in Gann; those gann dates we get each month, we know they are going to be changes in trend, but will the change be up or to the down. I have illustrated this with the sen chart [PDF]. Again, a mid point 60 degrees off the past low. Dates for trend changes can be calculated a long time in advance - years in advance on monthly charts, but are they to be tops or bottoms, this is the question. More study required. Time goes with price though - try deducting 23.5 from 72 and see what happens for the repeat. A count off the oct and nov (120 and 90 respectively) trend changes could prove something to watch.

More on the weather, the UK is under drought conditions, as reported by the AFR last week. Bewl Water in Kent, the largest reservoir in Southern Britain is only 36% full. The last drought - 1976. Say the locals: "We've not had two very dry winters in a row since 1933-34." 30 years to the last drought, 72 prior to that.

Home lending remains at record levels as per ABS figures. A record 37 thousand or so buyers taking out loans. The fat lady is still singing if you ask me. I hope you have read Fred's book. We are about to enter his well described 'winners curse' phase in my view.

Some food for thought though:,5478,18116095%255E664,00.html

Does indicate the turning of the cycle. This will continue going on now, quietly and largely unnoticed for the next couple of years, until everyone panics at once. It depends on what interest rates do.

The modern passport is about to undergo some major face lifts: biometric data, electronic info, and I reckon most likely the US will start to put tracking devices in them soon, so they know where you go and who you visit inside the US. (might have been useful for Whittington) It was about time for the changes...

Passports came about in a time of war, 90 years ago as one way to identify locals as distinct from foreigners. And also to help stop all those tricky anarchists from terrorizing and shooting heads of state as they were doing in the lead up to the first world war. (Notice the lamination security 30 years ago.) As we get these changes now, it will be interesting to see what loopholes get left so that all the spooks can still travel freely under false ones.

If you haven't read Orwell's 1984, do so:

Orwell's vision can only continue presently, as illustrated by the recent Danish cartoons experience, because both sides have a vested interest in the conflict continuing: extremist muslim regimes can use them to say they are the best defenders of Islam (stirring up trouble helps them enforce the peace at home and justify their regime and hold on to power), the US right to justify further their leadership as defenders of the western model and hence justification for all things necessary in the fight against terror. One day, enough of the people will begin to see through all the bullshit to effect changes for peace.

meanwhile, now we really know who's pulling the trigger at the Whitehouse...

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