July again - emailed to subscribers - Fri, 08 Jul 2005

Last quarter's Traders World magazine (Winter/early spring 2005) had what i thought was an interesting timing perspective on earth disturbance cycles, with interesting dates going into 2008, and the 60 year cycle involved. You may find some of the other articles of interest also. It calls for July disturbances, which I agreed with but for other reasons.

London without warning ?
2 big down days in the Aust market prior to today. Not definitive enough, but i find the market is always in the direction of the event, or at mid points, note the key low broken yesterday on our market. The jury is out on that one though, simply not definative enough to draw conclusions. However:

Sept 11, plus 30 months = March 04 Madrid bombings
plus 45 months to London events. Coincidental numbers ?
March 04 to March 09 is 60 months obviously.

Previous emails from me did highlight for you to watch these counts at 30 and 45 months in relation to 9/11. .

next key numbers, 60 months, 72, 84 then 90. 90 is on the square and most important.

45 months is a mid point to 90. You can be absolutely certain, around Feb, March April 09 will be important to this cycle of events.

You will hear much in coming days of how the G8 is meeting to solve problems and better our lives - those terrorists attempting to undermine it. Similar words were said as anarchists bombed and shot their way towards the assassination of six heads of state between 1896 and 1912, as a protest against "The State". Note the capitalist structure then and now is exactly the same; built on government granted licenses, the largest of which is land value. To do the same thing and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. History will repeat.

If you have done my classes, then the above numbers will not surprise you. Gann's triangle and square within the circle is the basis of how everything unfolds, according to time. Once a birth date occurs, the timing is then set and things will act out in set moves, with key emotional (pressure) times on the square and the triangle, until there is a change in the underlying thought structure. I urge you to study that Gann diagram, and try putting it to use on a stock of your choice.

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