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hpx should have a top 25/3, possibly as high as 170 or so. 25/3 is the ex div date. 170 is near a mid point. Some prior examples (at least as far as a top near the ex div date is concerned);
gud ex div 23/2
hjb 25/2
jyc 19/2 ex div.

This is why (I reckon) feb/march and aug/sept are often market tops in Australia, the herd buying in for dividends. See also, rcd ex div date 4/3, wbb ex div 23/2, wwa ex div 5/3. All made tops on these respective dates. (Note also similar prior year patterns.) The sort of learning information you never see in any books. Keep it to yourself - it is tradable information if you can buy in early enough across prior tops, and sell out just prior to ex div date.
Not every stock with a dividend does this of course - there are plenty that don't, however if the yield on a stock is high enough, you will find it a common occurrence.

In the Gann class, one of the things I pointed out after extensive discussions about time, is how things follow patterns time wise, using degrees and circles. One of the examples pointed to is how the terrorist attacks have unfolded so far. Note the recent stupid attacks in Madrid - again on the degree date linked to Sept 11th. You can be certain obl was involved; it is his timing. The dates we watch for obl are degree counts off 11/9/01 and 26/10/01, which came about as follows, which I reiterate for your interest;

On the 27th August, 2002, I sent the following as part of an email to subscribers at that time:
"CNN has been making a big deal of the obl tapes unearthed recently. I am assuming you have heard of them. What was revealing however, was one part of the tapes I saw, showing obl's declaration of war against the US, in front of a few selected journalists. Apparently this interview by obl received very little acknowledgement at the time. I always take note of the dates of these things now, having seen so much of Gann. So I was watching the tapes with the sole interest of hopefully getting this date. I guessed that it would have been relevant to what happened later, and, no surprise, it is. The date obl publicly declared war on the US was 26/5/98. This is of course the 2nd degree date we had been using, running off 26/10/01, being 45 days off 11/9/01. You should do more with this date also. And I hope it occurs to you to do this now, if not, it should. Calculate the days between 26/5/98 and 11/9/01, being 1204 days. Now that is close, but not really close enough to be exact, to 1260 days, 180 weeks (the importance of this time frame is highlighted in the book of Daniel) So I would add at this stage, 1204 days to 11/9/01, which is 28/12/04. I would be very surprised if around this date, something significant related to obl did not happen. Adding 180 weeks gives 22/2/05, should also be watched."

For your additional info, the recent Gann class also noted that March 04 is 30 months from Sept 01, a decent market change of trend can be expected in the US at this time for the same reason. And extensive volatility for that country, and terrorism in general. The circle is the basis of how Gann forecast into the future. Rest assured it can be done.

Now to this years dates. The following dates will be the tops and bottoms, ie more important changes of trend for Australian markets this year. I urge you to follow them by reference to charts of the respective markets, ie the SPI. As to which dates are more important, and whether they will be highs or lows, well I have not yet worked out exactly how Gann knew all of that yet, though I do have some ideas I'm working on.

>From the SPI all time high, 7/3/02
Jan 7, feb 5, mar 8, apr 5or6, may 6, jun 7, july 8, aug 9, sept 8, oct 8, nov 8, dec 8

from the All ords all time high 14/2/02
Jan 16, feb13, mar 15, apr 14, may 14, jun 15, july 16, aug 17, sept 17, oct 18, nov 17, dec 16 or 17
these middle month dates do not seem so important this year, but we will see

last years high 22/10/03
Jan 21, feb 20, mar 22 or 23, apr 20, may 21, jun 21, jul 23, aug 23, sept 23, oct 22 or 25, nov 22, dec 22

you should also have the degree dates worked off sept 11th 01, which brought in the low last year march 13.

a count off 27/1/04 might also prove interesting.

Note the break on wheat. Wheat had a long basing pattern of five years or so, 1998 to 2002, and you know what Gann said about that - the longer the base, the larger the move once it comes. Apparently Gann had his war cycle using the wheat extremes and various wheat cycles; so the prognosis on the terrorism front may now be looking decidedly poor. More later as I research it further.

ps anyone else have a tough day on the 23rd ? above dates also bring emotions to extremes for us, computer related hassles etc. Watch and see how we go over the year. Mark the dates down now.

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