I can't recall, with a silver lining - emailed to subscribers - Sun, 27 Nov 2005

Just recently I have had substantial trouble recalling anything I have done the past couple of years. I just can't remember, just can't recall, no memory of it. Poor Lachlan. Repeated 205 times on his Thursday visit to the courthouse. Poor lad, so profoundly mislead. Just as well he no longer manages one of the world's largest media companies... If they had known his predisposition to forgetfulness, would he have got the job ? Legalities for the rich, then there are rules for you and me. Surely it is a director's responsibility to know what his company is doing. What else is the job for ???

I noted too that News spent $600 million on one-tel, without any examination of accounts and no due diligence. But that's okay, it confirms he is like everyone else in this instance after all. Mostly, we all do the same when we first enter the markets, buy up as if we are an expert. Only after a few losses do we then attempt an examination of how to improve, if we survive long enough.

To investing matters:
whilst going for gold, don't forget silver.
some silver stocks to watch therefor, bsg, cbh, kcn, leg, mar, mmn, pem, zfx

The only stock purely leveraged to silver is mmn as far as I know, and you can see the effect building in already.

I recall that I mentioned a possible gann get together first week December, but I am not ready for that presently, so we will do something with that in the new year.

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