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in case you missed it

this is of course repeating history - if you have read my US real estate cycles research it is obvious. Government spending, loaned to it by the banks, who have created the credit. US land prices are highly unlikely to fall whilst this goes on. As history points out.

and this

note how the so called experts have it wrong - they don't study history, few have any idea of this 18 year cycle regularity "Macquarie Bank property analyst Rod Cornish said that over the past two years Melbourne residential values had a shallow dip rather than the sharp fall usually experienced at the end of a property boom."

The boom is not yet over.

dates of recent air crashes

the gann dates for August most emotion were Aug 8, 15 and 23. Note the similarity to when the most died, plus or minus one day. The Sept crash did not exactly match. (Sept 9)

Some stocks
you can anticipate mgx to make another high half a year apart, possible double top - oft repeated pattern there

sgn is churning thru the usual sellers at past highs, which should finish soon. Once the sellers are done with, then the run can proceed.

tmo usually makes lows in september. (Planting season for tomatoes ???)

the sort of classic accumulation break - hwg attached - you should be trading (economies do not go into recession when you have stocks like this one breaking upwards)next stop is the mid point, which you should be able to work out for yourself. (around 40 cents)

hom looks similar, and they are into banking of sorts - read credit creation - trend up.
let me repeat - economies do not go into recession when you have stocks like this one breaking upwards. This is why I think watching the new highs/ new lows is essential, and finding out a bit about what some of those stocks do. It gives you a better feel for the actions of the economy, without having to know anything about the economy. Since the market is always discounting future news, and the market always gets this right, banking stocks breaking into new highs says a lot about the economy. Pretty simple. So trade the trend.

could be a bit of a rotation happening in markets presently - (this is an opinion) - out of oil stocks, into biotech / adv / tech stocks, worth keeping an eye on

have a look at the timing of the highs on nvc, 90 degrees apart as could be expected. (trend up)

Other news:
And passing on some sadder news, Helmut went to that great stock market in the sky 30 degrees back, after a short but sudden battle with cancer - I miss him a lot. Helmut learnt charting by hand doing RIO, then a number of practical trading skills on pdn, once he finally managed to sort out it was best to trade the trend. But his favorite was looksmart, lok; for a while there Helmut had this stock on a string, picking turning points - and trading each - a number of times consecutively over about 18 months. This he did just thru the use of that time in a circle chart I show you all. Every October lok turned. The circle showed it easily. This was great for me to watch since it showed me once again that I am not imagining these things, nor reading things into Gann that are not there. With that true German efficiency for work, Helmut was in the middle of seeing the astro stuff working the way Miles Wilson Walker shows it, devastatingly accurate at times if one can put it together, as lok showed. Go for it Helmut.
The most important thing you have is your health. As Gann says.

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