Good shapes to watch out for - emailed to subscribers May 7th, 2002

Good shapes to watch out for:

36, 24, 36 - no just kidding. Triangles are what I am talking about. A few gif files attached to try and illustrate what I mean, see prm.gif, brz.gif, dre.gif

Plenty of others, like BBB, RSG, LIMO

And to something entirely different; for those interested in conspiracy
theories, here is a link.

You all know my ideological attachment to resource rentals. I think I have said once or twice in my business cycles classes, the landed aristocracy behind the politicians is not interested in having you learn how the economy really works, like as I teach in that cycles class. Further evidence with the link here.

Several bookstores in England, including W.H.Smith booksellers, are refusing to stock the book, on the grounds that the book does not meet their criteria for media exposure. W.H.Smith booksellers looks like it is about to go to the Office of Fair Trading to defend this claim against the book's author.

As I found out a few years ago, if ever you want to know who's in charge, start something.

But I don't send you this just to highlight some possible conspiracy; it is the process of land rental collection that I wish to highlight, and the effort made by a very few to disguise the fact. The land rent is a naturally occurring value, arising when labour and/or capital is applied to land. When all 'free' land is at last entirely fenced, and if this value is allowed to be privately collected, this value WILL capitalize into a tradable commodity. The property cycle is born. (And so too, indirectly, the decade cycle.) Under such conditions, the property cycle, more correctly the land cycle, WILL run approximately 18 years. If you do not follow this, read Fred Harrison's The Power in the Land.

In Australia, and as for most of the western world, the last land cycle trough was between 1991/1994. Only world war has been shown to interfere, though not stop, this land cycle. (And why 18 years ? Answer on the web site soon.)

Around 2008, watch for relevant signs as we have discussed in classes.)


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