Good charts to find, long side - emailed to subscribers May 7th, 2002

Buying stocks, you stand better chances for profit, faster, by trading a stock when the trend is clearly up. This could be done for example buying across tops. Even better by buying breaks of accumulation or breaks into new highs. When doing this, generally the news will trend with you. And when the news sends the stock in the direction you want, the market becomes a lot of fun. Refer GTG, gtg.gif

The same could be said for PRR, in early November of last year.

ASL asl.gif gives another illustration of good buying, if you can find them. This one is not a hard trade, so far my best for the year, hence I feel qualified to talk about it. I have left on a few notations that I place on the chart after the stock breaks out of its accumulation.

They are not always easy though, being stopped out on occasions, only to find the trade continues without you. See gir.gif, I hate that.

Nevertheless, I hope you can see relevant spots to look at buying, whenever another chart throws up a similar pattern; it just takes a bit of discipline to search out the relevant new highs list each day, then have a look at each chart. This may be going over old ground for some of you, however I think it is worth repeating from time to time.

Discussions for the short side will follow later in the week


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