Gann only - Thu, 24 Jun 2004

Have spent this year searching for historical US data to support the 18 year r/estate cycles, going back to 1792. The first meaningful data for stock and interest rates comes up for the 1857 cycle - couldn't resist sending two of the charts so far for this era:
Rail stocks: low Jan 1843, high dec 1852, up 119 months, lowed again Oct 1857, down 58 months, for a cyclical time of 177 months interest rates, aug 1843 low, to aug 1858 low, 180 months exactly. It can be seen too in the cycle that stocks anticipated the upturn, and peaked way before the panic.

Look also at how low interest rates fed eventually into higher stock prices, and vice versa - 100 years ago, the same effects.

Gann numbers also easy to see on young children, or my one at least Al took ill yesterday, not serious, first time in ages though, and his having a bit of a crisis today - 90 days prior to his birthday, so he is on a square to that, but is also 1003 days from his birth, which is 143.29 weeks. Perhaps coincidence

Applying the same thing to markets, sugar:
our usual counts 30 60 90 etc, this time in months, sugar should end up making some sort of a high this year or next, see what happens, any thoughts ?

as attached.
Of course there is more to it than this, but start with the big picture

On that 1929 forecast Gann did for the Dow, put posthumously into the truth of the stock tape book, i think i have worked out how he did that, and how he put it together, we can review that when we next get together, interesting stuff.

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