Further notes - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 01 Feb 2005

The Gann workings indicate to watch for a high in the SPI this month, some time around the 19th january or just after, give or take a week or two. A price to watch is 9 times 458 (4122). If you know the spi and know a bit of gann technique, you should know what i am doing there, if not, email me. Should a high eventuate, our market should then have 90 days retracement to mid April. The top however cannot be confirmed without an overbalance of both time and price - which we have not had yet.

note the producing of 450 humvees a month, previously 15. Makes for a busy military. Can't get a downturn with so much expansion going on

"Just as the National Security Act of 1947 was passed to prevent another Pearl Harbour, the Intelligence Reform Act will help us prevent another 9/11," said Senate governmental affairs committee chairman Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who helped negotiate the final compromise with the House. Dec 9th 2004.
seems a bit of an oxymoron there.

one indicator going well


Must be tough for the large landowners of Venezuela: The Vestey family have just had their huge estate and ranch taken over on the orders of President Chavez. Says The Daily Telegraph (Jan 15 page 24): "Venezuelan soldiers, acting on the orders of President Hugo chavez, seized Lord Vestey's vaxt ranch as part of a Mugabe-style 'land redistribution' scheme."
Note the terminology here, linking a thug and dictator to a three times democratically elected president, and what the article does not tell you, the land was mostly idle and producing very little. History very much repeating. And serious now. Chavez is threatening the rock upon which privilege is built. The US rarely allows this to last very long. I would give Chavez another 12 months in power, at the most, prior to a US led overthrow, (though it will not be presented this way to us) to protect existing rights to the flow of rent, and the nation as a non threat to major oil corporations. The US has never yet permitted a left leaning democratically elected South American president to ever carry out land distribution programs. As to why, and to see this in wonderful clarity, try reading the book "The Wonderful Wealth Machine." Enclosing of the flow of rent guarantees the real estate cycle must turn. If the rent is enclosed, the turn is inevitable. Only the timing present a difficulty to work out.

Bush has asked for a further $80 billion for the Iraq thing. Important to realize how this gets funded - sames as in all past wars, the govt goes to the bankers, who buy up the bonds issued by the govt. This adds to the asset base of the banks, who then can loan out further funds, up to about ten times the original amount by the time the multiplier effect is taken into account. It is credit created out of nothing, and why war is so easy to finance. The banks love it. It puts us all in debt. The debtor ALWAYS ends up subservient to the lender. This comes very much into play should there be some sort of economic crisis in the future... The economy cannot turn down with such credit creation going on. Speaking of Bush, it might be noted after his win, he purged every official in any office that had been one to question the approach to Iraq. Well he can do that of course, but what happens when you surround yourself with yes men, that is all they will ever tell you, yes. Ultimately it can put one out of touch with reality if you don't get to hear what you need to hear, instead only being told what you want to hear. Interesting that this might happen as we go into a real estate peak.

Jan 27
storms all around the world, even Majorca saw snow, 30 deg from Tsunami note bridges collapse, US train derailment worst in 24 years US has its 'blackest day since the Iraq invasion started'

i hope this offers you further evidence that it is possible to know in advance the days of the year that will prove most emotional. i did suggest this date to watch some months ago. The stock market showed this to be the case, well in advance. Record close on the ASX.

30 months from 9/11 will prove important for the US for the same timing reason.

60 years liberation of Auschwitz this month. Note the year count selected to memorialize. Said one survivor; 60th anniversary carries a lot of weight, i might not be around for the 70th.

Details of a couple of follow up classes for those interested will be sent in a week or two.

regards to you all


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