Further for July - emailed to subscribers - Wed, 06 Jul 2005

A link to some property discussion i think they will be proved wrong - the largest land price gains come at the end of the 18 years, especially for raw land.


the guy should be in jail - as you know by looking at charts, the process is rife


notice the potential for a turning point, 45 months from sept 11

to stocks
i hope you have managed to see a little in class about why I think the market is anything but random. Let me give you another example where you can profit from crowd behaviour. This time it concerns tax loss selling. Quite often a stock that did poorly for the year will excellerate its trend for May and June. I think this is because of selling pressure as those holding a loss crystalise it just prior to end of financial year, for tax purposes. This can lead to a stock being oversold for no real fundamental reason. AET is a current example, and an actual trade this time as a matter of fact. See attached. This illustrates too the benefit of taking stops early, preserving capital, for later opportunities to be on the other side of the herd. Perhaps aet is not the best example - a bit thin, however there is definate tax loss selling on some stocks, the selling then dries up early July, and the stock moves back up, simply for that reason, no more sellers.

AET Chart

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