Freds new book - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 21 Jun 2005

Fred Harrison has a new book out - "Boom, bust; house prices, banking and the depression of 2010". I think this is essential reading. Available from Prosper Australia, 2nd Floor, 31 Hardware lane (between Bourke and ltl Bourke) I urge you to get in and get a copy.

Notice the discussion building currently about the (alleged in my view) usefulness of nuclear power. If you don't know why already, it should be clear to you by August 6th.

Notice the release of Wood in Iraq after 48 days - always an important time frame 45 to 52 days - you see this all the time in the markets. Everyone was quick to claim the credit for his release - but i note absolutely no one claimed a responsibility for it. An illustration of why the markets are hard to come to terms with.

The theory of relativity turns 100 this month. Prior to that, everyone was taught time was absolute. Einstein showed that it isn't - time is relative. Though quantam mechanics says it's probabilities, never certainties. Gann showed time moves in cycles, but few believe it yet. Seems there is no real reason why one cannot remember the future.

Another link for 2009, there are a number of cycles turning around 2009. Chairman Mao founded the PRC 1st October 1949. Plus 60 degrees is 2009. Note the emotion and pride of the olympics - 2008 - and what it does to land price. 15 years from the land price low in China of 1993 if emotion in newspapers is any guide. Tianmen massacre was 1989. The cultural revolution began 1965/66 (just a bit more than 15 years after PRC founding), lasting ten years to Mao's death 9/9/76.

And a reminder, the higher land price goes, the harder it falls. See attached

The government remains hell bent on reforming work place laws to 'free-up' the labour market, but qantas remains immune from further competition on the Pacific route as the govt yet again takes no decision. Is this good or bad ? That's not the point here - just observe the action of the govt granted licenses and where the real power lies.

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