End August - Sun, 05 Sep 2004

read the news on emi: (perhaps also sen) continued evidence of improving business conditions and new cyclical upswing, some years left in the cycle - rents on industrial property start to rise now, expect headlines in two or three years;"industrial rents set to soar" or some such thing, then its time to sell and head for the hills

next break on etr should be the one to get - ah those mid points, I could write a book on them

same for glb, if the stock tries to get to that gap, it will fill it quickly, since there will be little resistance, ie there were no sellers at this price on the way down, as it simply gapped over on the collapse. (see recent agi for copycat example of a break across three past tops)

refer aei
relating news to the chart, on 24/7 a lot of shares came off 2 year escrow - do you think they started selling ?
charts will tell you the history, good reason never to buy new lows, which happened the day after or so.

on selling,
most recent previous email seemed to hit a nerve. Places to sell, well the first move into a mid point on a recovering stock, like etr some months ago is one place to sell - and to try and trade into, there will be plenty coming up on the .com stocks that survived, into next year and the following.

double tops that are the end of a run, clearly a place to take profit

on good news (if you are trading, eg iba as an example) - though this year more than the usual number have kept going - a sign of the bull.

if your stop is hit - the first loss to take is almost always the smallest

It's about the rent:

One of the Presidential candidates knows it, and is even prepared to say so. Of interest from my point of view.

www.votenader.org and go to /issues/index.php?cid=7 and read the tax policy. The other two know also of course, but could never admit it for reasons of who backs them.


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