Developing Trends - emailed to subscribers - Tue, 28 Mar 2006

Here's one

We have one or two listed ethanol stocks. And good to see some rich thinkers here, with an eye to reducing dependence on middle east oil. A real upside of the K-wave thing developing here. But remember, don't get carried away on the emotion of reading this article, just see what the charts tell you. Breaks into new highs, buy. Let the other donkeys lead the way, just follow when it happens. So put the carrot in front of the donkey, not the other way around.

As if you didn't know already

repeating patterns; the US manufactured war against Mexico, 1840's, Spain, 1896, Vietnam, 1964. Mexico was a land grab, Spain perhaps to get out of depression, Vietnam who knows. History is useful to know, because the future just repeats it.

rule of 20 attached, to Jan 06.
As you can see, our stock market is not getting more expensive as it rises. Which means earnings are improving, so quite rightly, the market should be going up. The present rise is based firmly on fundamentals.
(Though of course the rise will not go in a straight line upwards)

barometer (yield curve) As you can see, a slight inversion. I think the markets will cope with that for the time being, and this will not lead to immediate recession. Coy earnings are increasing presently. But I think the party is into its last years however.

bliss index
no pain here yet.

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